wood carving

wood carving
Synonyms and related words:
CYSP sculpture, anaglyptics, anaglyptography, architectural sculpture, bone-carving, bust, carving, casting, ceroplastics, chasing, clay sculpture, decorative sculpture, doll, dolly, dummy, earth art, embossing, engraving, fantoccini, figure, figurehead, figurine, founding, garden sculpture, gem-cutting, gingerbread man, glass sculpture, glyptic, ivory-carving, lay figure, lost-wax process, man of straw, manikin, mannequin, marionette, metal sculpture, model, modeling, molding, monument, monumental sculpture, paper sculpture, plaster casting, plastic art, portrait bust, portrait sculpture, puppet, relief, relief-carving, relievo, scarecrow, sculptor, sculpture, sculpturing, shell-carving, snowman, statuary, statue, statuette, stone sculpture, stonecutting, wax figure, waxwork, whittling, wire sculpture, xyloglyphy

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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